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Class & Workshop Schedule

January 10th - (7pm) Feeling "Weird" Workshop with Amy Reed


Amy Reed, Owner of Alternative Healing of PA will help you understand why you feel too much in certain situations and are confused by others. Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds? Do you feel like you can pick up the slightest change in people without them even saying a word? Are you overly sensitive to others emotions? Do you just know things? Do you feel "weird"? Ever wonder why? In this class we will explore the empathic side of humanity, the intuitive relevance of our energy field, the biomechanics of our nervous system and how it all relates to our own inner empathic voice. Instruction, discussion and class exercises.

2hr class. $10

Must Pre-register.

January 18th (12pm) - Vision Board Workshop with Kim Jarvis


Kim Jarvis, Certified Health & Life Coach, of Coaching with Kim J., will help you put your vision in full view to help you focus on your desires for yourself in 2020!

Class includes board and supplies along with instructions on how to create your vision for 2020.

2hr class. $20

Must pre-register.

January 25th - (2pm) - Follow the Signs with Diane Levenson


Diane Levenson,  Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach - Do you wonder if you are on the right path? Do you wish there was a road map to your life? Join Diane in this exploration of ways that the Universe talks to us, guides us and learn how to spot the signs. 

1hr class. $10

Must pre-register. 

February 1st - (7pm) Reiki/Energy Workshop with Amy Reed


Amy Reed, Owner of Alternative Healing of PA will give you an introduction to Reiki/energy work with hands on practical instruction. In this class you will learn about what energy work is, from both the spiritual aspect and the scientific aspect, the history of different energy modalities and learn how to harness your own energy. We will go from classroom instruction to practical hands-on instruction. If you have always wondered about energy work/Reiki, this is your chance to experience it.  

2hr class. $10

Must Pre-register.

Classes fill up quickly. Please pre-register to reserve your seat in advance.

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